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Joan Somerville, ArtistJoan Somerville's Biography

Joan Somerville, Artist

Scottish born Joan Joan Somerville works from her attic studio at her home on the outskirts of Glasgow. Given the opportunity to study at the Glasgow School of Art, she instead embarked on a career in local goverment. Now in her 30's she making a living as an artist. Entirely self-taught, Joan Somervill has found much fame in her new career. Her works are collected worldwide including the USA, Hong Kong & Singapore.

Joan's paintins cuts through pretentions to embrace the humour of everyday life. Her slightly caricatured larger, than life images have a human touch that brings a smile to the face of the viewer. Perhaps her love of meeting & chatting to the passer-by, explains her gift for catching the right expression, for capturing the perfect moment.

Joan Somerville was chosen as one of the five major prize winners in her first competition, 'The Smith Art Gallery & Museum' in Stirling. The theme being the 'Brave Art' competition, the story of William Wallace. Joan`s paintings of a group brawny warriors awaiting battle is now part of the museum`s permanent collection.

Works in mixed shows in galleries in Glasgow and London quickly followed, with her light hearted paintings proving immensley popular with the puplic. Her last solo exhibition at 'The Nancy Smillie Gallery' in Glasgow have been sell outs and due to popular demand she is currently working on a third scheduled for the fall of this year(2001).


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